What we do


3 Straight Lines

Our work for you will start with identifying how and what aspects of branding that can be plugged into what area and stage of your business, then we show you how it can all work together to build brand equity and loyal customers over time.

For us, branding is a journey and we want to take that journey with you. As you know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, how about 3 straight lines of exciting branding, compelling communication and engaging activations?

Strategy Development

We are passionate about helping you find clarity and defining what your brand should focus on at every given stage of your business and with every given budget. We focus on uncovering brand values and brand purpose, defining brand positioning and differentiation, identifying brand archetype and personality, and building brand architectures for multiple portfolio brands.

Brand Identity Development

We understand the importance of a solid brand identity and how that can be translated into iconic and legacy logos, visual, verbal and other identity assets. We create brand identities that directly respond to your need for identification, impact and sustainability.

Digital Brand Support

Digital channels have become inescapable ways to reach more customers and increase profit. We create simple and highly functional websites as well as create and manage social media presence for our clients.

Events and Activations

Brand Events are environments for brands to really connect with their consumers and build lasting bonds. We help our clients decide on event ideas, pick the right name, plan and execute promotions, get fiting resource persons and deliver fantastic experience.

Team Trainings

Managing a brand successfully demands high level skill and experience on our part and high-level knowledge on the part of our clients. We don't create brands and leave them to chance, we offer high value training on strategic brand management to our clients and their teams. So they can sustain and defend the brand effectively.